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How unexplained infertility sometimes help in IVF Treatment


How unexplained infertility sometimes help in IVF Treatment

You may know the fact that for a normal couple, who do not face any issues with getting pregnant, has just only 20 percent chance of achieving pregnancy. In other words, it means 80 percent of the time; even fertile couples fail to achieve pregnancy in a single month. Most of the couples get pregnant in the first year after marriage, while others might take much longer or may not be able to conceive at all.

A problem emerges for a couple when they have not been able to conceive after one year of trying despite having unprotected vaginal intercourse. The first and foremost thing they should do is to consult an IVF doctor without any delay. In case, a female partner is above 35, this step should be taken in advance, within 6 months of trying to have a baby.

So what is exactly unexplained infertility ?

When a couple comes down to our IVF clinic in the capital, New Delhi, they start looking for causes. We simple ask them to go basic diagnostic testing so as to know the primary cases of their infertility. In almost 10 percent of the cases, all the results come out as normal. This even, baffles the patient, to hear this term-unexplained infertility. They are perturbed by the questions- where they can find the right treatment? How will they able to conceive ?

It is important to understand the outcome of tests. These tests can only identify the basic causes- but cannot identify the possible reasons. For example, if a male partner has low sperm count or woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked; it simply means the obstructions for achieving a normal pregnancy. However, these tests cannot identify certain subtle infertility factors such as poor egg quality of failure in the fertilization process.

Cost-Effective Treatment

That is why, in many ways IVF treatment becomes the main goal for couples with unexplained fertility of a having a baby. If a patient fails to result pregnancy even after taking Clomid, they should seek IVF treatment without any delay. By opting IVF treatment, they will have higher chances of achieving a successful pregnancy.

How IVF is diagnostic and effective treatment

As we were discussing about diagnosing subtle infertility factors, it can have a positive impact during IVF treatment as:

  • Many women who have perfect ovarian reserve may have poor quality eggs and in this case our embryologists are able to study the eggs under microscope, after the egg retrieval process.
  • Couples who have mature eggs and normal semen parameters may face of total fertilization failure after doing IVF. This means they have sperm dysfunction, even though their semen analysis report is normal.

The above two points are the diagnostic benefits of in vitro fertilization and there is no alternative to identify them. Once the issues have been identified, it is then easy to provide treatment with a number of options and overcome these infertility factors by using IVF treatment.

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