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How Prenatal Yoga helps Women During Pregnancy

Yoga is an Ancient form of exercise that has its roots in India. Since ages our sages have emphasized on its benefits on our health- everyone needs to practice yoga, even either you are a healthy person, or you wish to improve your health or if you are having any ailment and want to cure it without a long course of medication.


This miraculous form of exercise has its roots in India. Yoga is highly beneficial for women at all stages of life. To be healthy you don’t have to hit a heavy duty gym or be a fitness freak. You must be alert and conscious about your fitness in all stages of life, yoga promotes balance and harmony, and brings about both physical and mental fitness.


Why Yoga for Women?


Women go through various physical changes during the years of conception and motherhood. Yoga and exercise help optimise productivity for women. Doctors advise the practice of specific yoga postures during pregnancy. Over the years Yoga exercises have been beneficial before and during pregnancy. During pregnancy prenatal yoga helps to achieve and maintain good physical and mental health. The various hormonal changes going on in their body can make it difficult at times. Thus, yoga would compensate for their reduced physical activities during pregnancy with less complex asanas. The asanas help improve blood circulation and give complete relaxation to the body and mind.


Why Prenatal Yoga?


Yoga is an extremely healthy practice for women during the antenatal period. It feels relaxed and helps you to stay calm during those crucial nine months. It is a safe method of exercise that helps to strengthen the muscles of your body, especially the lower portion. Yoga tones your body and improves muscular flexibility –the pelvic region, the hip and other abdominal muscles are toned up- and helps you get prepared for the process of child birth. It also reduces the back pain and body aches that women usually experience during pregnancy. But do not work out too hard! See that you don’t overstretch the body. The joints become loose and soft during pregnancy. The deep breathing exercises help you provide oxygen required for your baby, and to your own muscles. Prenatal yoga is the key to enhance your receptivity to the physiological and emotional changes during child birth.


Why Postnatal Yoga?


This is a gentler approach to regain your strength and flexibility. It can set your mind free from the emotional roller-coaster through which you had been undergoing during pregnancy and child birth. It releases the tension of neck and shoulder muscles, strengthens the back and pelvis, and minimises the back pain felt after child birth. It revitalises your mind and rejuvenates your body. It also stimulates your confidence and improves your stamina. But you must avoid forward bending postures and vigorous exercises. Practice asanas that are comfortable and do not overdo any asana.




Yoga sums up the energy of your internal self with the cosmic world around you. It is the form of meditation that sets you free from all unwanted thoughts and allows you to connect with your inner self. It is extremely beneficial for a woman during pregnancy so that she can connect with the life that she will give birth to, and in the postnatal period when she needs immense strength and determination to take care of herself and the new born.

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