How does Endometriosis lead to Infertility? - Dr Rita Bakshi

How does Endometriosis lead to Infertility? – Dr. Rita Bakshi

Endometriosis is very common and found in more than 40% of women in the world. It is also a major cause leading to infertility in females. Endometriosis is incurable and persists for life time. It is a gynaecological condition that can be regulated through treatment.

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What is Endometriosis?


When endometrial tissues present in the inner linings of uterus start growing outside the uterus and anywhere in the organs present in the pelvic region, it is known as endometriosis. These endometrial tissues can be present in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and on the lymph nodes. The growing of tissue causes swelling, adhesions, formation of scar tissues and pain in the lower abdomen.


How is Endometriosis linked to Infertility?


When endometrial tissue grows in the ovaries, they start forming cysts. Due to these cysts, ovaries cease to release an egg and this process is also known as Endometrioma. These ovarian cysts disrupt ovulation process leading to infertility in a woman.

Due to growing of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and in ovaries, sometimes too much swelling and adhesions occurs, which leads to closing or blocking of fallopian tubes. Blocked fallopian tubes are the main cause of infertility in a woman as it restricts the way for the sperm to meet an egg for embryo formation.

Endometriosis can sometimes harm the embryo implanted in the uterus resulting in miscarriage and failed pregnancy.

Endometriosis leads to painful sex and creates hormonal imbalance in the body which decreases the chances of getting pregnant rapidly, leading towards infertility.

It’s non curable but with right medication and treatment, it can be regulated. Successful pregnancy during endometriosis can happen if you consult the right gynecologist. The best treatment for endometriosis is IVF Treatment if you are looking for successful pregnancy.

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