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How Age Affect the Fertility in Women?

Age Affect the Fertility in Women?


Age may not be a barrier to achieve many of your dreams but when it comes to conceiving age can be the single major hurdle. Generally, we do not find it polite enough to ask a woman her age, but at fertility clinics, it will be the very first question as the age of a woman is one of the most important factors influencing her ability to conceive.


Women’s age is a major fertility factor. The fertility in women is at its peak in the early and mid-20s while it starts declining gradually after that. The abilities to conceive reduce dramatically after the age of 36. The chances of natural conception after 36 reduce to half the chances at 20 years and these chances decrease even drastically after the age of 40.


The number of healthy eggs produced by women starts decreasing after the age of late 30s which in turn reduces the chances of conception. The quality and quantity of eggs get lower with age which is an obvious reason of decrease in fertility. Following are some of the factors associated with increasing age affect the fertility in women:


Fertilization Failures:


The embryo needs energy to grow and keep dividing which comes from the egg in the form of little packets called mitochondria. These mitochondria in eggs start decreasing with increasing age and so lesser energy is available which may affect the fertilization process negatively causing a failed attempt to conceive.


Ovarian Reserve:


The ovarian reserve decreases with age in women. Normally a woman at age 30 is considered to have 12% of the reserve which reduces to 3 % with the age reaching to 40.


Higher Chances of Miscarriages:


Chromosomal abnormalities in the eggs are more common at an advanced age which can lead to unhealthy embryos which may result in implantation failure and increase the chances of miscarriages.


Unexplained Fertility:


The chances of diagnosing unexplained infertility are higher in women with older age as compared to the younger women.


Age is something which nobody can control, it will keep on increasing causing a reduction in the reproductive abilities. So, it is best to plan a baby in the reproductive age when the fertility is at its peak. However, assisted reproduction can help improve your chances of conceiving and having a baby.


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