Top 3 Benefits of IUI

Do you know the Top 3 Benefits of IUI? Dr. Rita Bakshi

Top 3 Benefits of IUI


Due to reproductive issues like cervical scar or other lifestyle disorders females are unable to conceive. But IUI a procedure in which male’s sperm is placed into the uterus helps such females to attain motherhood in a biological way. Doctors are highly skilled and provide best treatments of IUI. This is a delicate process widely used as a successful reproductive treatment.


Following are the vital steps of Intra Uterine Insemination:-


1. Egg production: The eggs are produced by the ovaries for fertilization. Mostly one egg is released in one month in females.

2. Monitoring the eggs release: Doctor monitors the ovulation process, required for proper insemination. When egg bursts from its follicle, the procedure of insemination is performed next day.

3. Washing the sperm: When females start to ovulate, the sperm sample is taken, and then “washed”.  This procedure helps in obtaining the concentrated sperm.

4. Insemination: Doctors use a catheter to place the healthy sperm into the uterus through the cervix. This process is generally painless and safe.


Benefits of IUI


1. Increases the Fertility rates: In normal process of fertilization only strongest sperm can reach eggs through the cervical mucus and into the uterus and fallopian tubes. The process of IUI, tracks the best quality of sperm and hence fertility rates is higher.


2. Less Stress on Body: Other reproductive treatments like In vitro fertilization put aggression on body as embryo are developed in laboratory at a low temperature. But IUI is a gentle process puts less stress to embryo and the female’s body.


3. Less Ovarian impact: It produce around 3-4 follicles results in healthy pregnancy.


Success Rates of IUI


The infertile females who become pregnant after one cycle of IUI range from 10 to 20 percent, according to a latest study published in a medical journal. Success rates of IUI in Delhi are higher with affordable rates at Dr. Rita Bakshi Clinic.

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