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Having extreme hair loss after baby birth?

Have You Delivered your baby few days back? You must be worried about your newborn’s health but don’t forget to take care of your hair that are expected to fall at an increased pace.On an average, a person loses 100 strains of hair every day. During pregnancy, women have high levels of estrogen that supports hair growth making your hair look thicker. However, right after your delivery, there is a sudden decline in estrogen levels and hence, your hair tends to fall out more. This is called postpartum hair loss, which can begin soon after your baby’s birth.


Do not get worried about your shedding hair even if it lasts for a year. There is nothing much to be done. You just need to follow these simple tips below and regain your hair growth.


  • Avoid pulling your hair or styling it tightly since it may cause your hair to pull out. Prefer loose hair styles for less strain on your hair.
  • Avoid massaging your hair with hot oil.
  • Use a wide teethed comb to prevent further breaking of hair. This will help you brush your hair gently.
  • Do not use hair rollers, straighteners or hair clips.
  • Do not twist or pull your hair.
  • Do not comb your hair when wet as your hair are tangles and hence, more vulnerable to breaking.
  • Do not use hair products with high chemical content.
  • You can also take biotin supplements for extra hair nourishment.
  • Use the right hair products that make your hair manageable, soft and smooth.
  • Eat a diet full of proteins, iron, anti-oxidants, vitamin B & C and zinc.
  • You can also take birth control pills only when prescribed by your doctor to bring your estrogen levels to normal. If you are breastfeeding, wait until you start breast milk production starts before taking any birth control pill as it may interfere with your breast milk production.


Closing Thoughts


Hair loss post delivery occurs in almost 50% of women. They may even observe hair falling in clumps but there is nothing to fret. It is common and can last up to one year. If you follow the above tips, it will definitely help you curb further hair loss but not completely treat it. Hair loss will not be a permanent problem so sit back, be patient and it will disappear on its own.


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