First Time IVF Failure

First Time IVF Failure – What should be your next step?

First Time IVF Failure


A couple who had a failed IVF in the first cycle usually feels confused, depressed, hopeless and shattered. But don’t you couples out there worry anymore. It is common to feel emotionally and financially low after having a failed IVF process. The first thing that would strike your mind is, what to do now?


What is the first thing to do next?


Get up, take a break and freshen yourself. “LIFE DOESN’T END HERE!”

Couples with a failed IVF in the first time usually get positive results in the second or third cycle. The most important part of the IVF process is to never lose hope and maintain a positive attitude always. This way no one stop you in achieving your parenthood goal.


What did your first time IVF Cycle failed?


When your first cycle of IVF process fails, it is best to follow your doctor’s advice on whether to move ahead with the second or third cycle or not. A lot of prognosis is required after failure in the first IVF cycle. From ovarian stimulation to the quality of embryos, everything is taken into consideration before heading towards the next cycle.


How high is the success rate with second cycle IVF


This question usually strikes the couple’s mind. There is no accurate answer, but couples usually have a successful IVF in the second cycle and do not need to go for the third cycle. The possibilities of success in IVF process in India depends upon various factors as follows:


  • Age of the woman
  • Number of eggs
  • Quality of the eggs
  • Quality of the sperm
  • Controlling IVF ovarian stimulation
  • IVF lab equipments and expertise of the embryologist
  • Number of eggs retrieved
  • Quality of the resultant embryo
  • Genetic and chromosomal competence of the embryos


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