cold or cough during pregnancy

Easy tips to cope up with cough when pregnant

When a woman becomes pregnant, the most crucial phase of her life begins. At this time, it is important for to ensure good health so that her growing unborn child is safe from unwanted health problems. Once you enter third trimester, you need to be extra careful of what you eat and what you do.


Cough and cold symptoms can occur in almost every pregnant woman during the nine-month time span. Hence, one should be extra careful. You can read below safe and effective tips that will help you manage cough and cold.


1. Use a steamer


Steaming is a years-old tradition followed by most women to cure blocked nose, headaches, coughing and congestion caused by cold. It is a great way to get instant relief from nasal blockage.


2. Salt water gargles


If you are having a sore throat and too much coughing, gargling with warm water and a pinch of salt will do good. It is an effective method for symptomatic relief as it helps loosen the thick mucus and removes unwanted infection elements from the throat.


3. Saline nasal drops


If you have a severe cold, your nose becomes blocked in a few time that causes discomfort in breathing, congestion, headache, throat infections, dry mouth and reduced taste sense. In this case, you should visit a physician or visit your obs & gyne clinic and your doctor will prescribe you safe-to-use nasal drops to clear the nasal passage and instant relief.


4. Drink Ginger tea twice a day


Ginger is well-known as a powerful ingredient that provides an instant soothing effect to sore throat caused by cold. You can prepare a cup of ginger tea simply by boiling a cup of water and adding thinly chopped ginger slices to it. You can also add honey as per taste.


5. Plentiful sleep


It is important for every pregnant woman to take ample rest so that your body gets enough time to recover itself.


6. Keep cough drops handy.


If your cold is causing you trouble, you should visit a gynecologist and take cough drops or syrup as prescribed. Remember not to self-medicate yourself. Also, it will be safe for your baby. You can pop a cough drop anytime of the day. This prevents drying of your throat and soothe as well.


Closing Thoughts


If you have excessive cold and cough, it is likely because of low body immunity levels. There is nothing to worry about. It is normal to catch cold or cough during pregnancy. However, if it is persistent with time then you should visit best gynecologist for timely management of cough and cold. Most women are in the belief that coughing will impact their baby’s health but it is not true. Your baby will remain protected under your uterus.


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