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Did you just have failed IVF cycle? Know Reason behind IVF Failure

Wondering what went so wrong? Why did you have to go through failed IVF cycle? After failed IVF cycle, your mind is bombarded with so many questions. Failed IVF cycle is not the end of the world, there is still a hope. You could still be pregnant with a child; it’s a matter of time and patience. Risaa IVF is the hope and blessing for so many infertile couple, globally, with the highest success rate for IVF treatment.


Risaa IVF and Dr. Rita Bakshi


Failure of IVF treatment is not something that cannot be treated. Risaa IVF offers successful IVF treatment even after failure of earlier IVF cycles. We make sure our team provides you the best possible outcome as per your satisfaction. IFC is equipped with the modernized technology for IVF treatment to produce desired outcome. Dr. Rita Bakshi is the reputed IVF specialist and is worldly renowned for her excellence record in the field of ARTs. She offers the best guidance, consultation and never lets the patient to breakdown emotionally, mentally or physically.


Reasons behind failed IVF cycle


Failed IVF cycle is not unusual and it’s not just you. It is a very common problem and generally, for some couples it takes 2-3 IVF cycles to get pregnant with a child. There are many factors that result in IVF failure.




Age of a woman and her partner plays a significant role for successful IVF treatment. Probability of failed IVF cycle for the woman below 35 years of age is lower than the woman above 35 – 40 years of age. Age of the egg matters if used a donor egg as the egg quality weakens as the age increases.


Chromosomal Abnormalities


With the increased age, chromosomal abnormalities also increases that leads to greater chances of miscarriage and failure of pregnancy. Embryo formed after fertilization starts showing abnormal behavior resulting in IVF failure.


Sperm quality


Sperm used during IVF treatment should be of good quality. Low sperm quality is the very common factor for miscarriage and improper fertilization of embryo to result in pregnancy.


Problems with egg retrieval


Sometimes the stimulation of ovaries is not proper even after IVF medications which results in production of lower than expected eggs and of worse quality. This makes it difficult to retrieve good quality eggs for fertilization.


Imperfect embryo implantation


After fertilization, right positioning of embryo into the uterus is required to result in pregnancy. When an embryo is not placed at required place, it hinders the growth and development of an embryo and results in failed IVF cycle.


At Risaa IVF, our gynecologists use the best medication for best ovarian response and embryo selection technique used at our fertility centre is also promising. Implantation of embryo is undertaken with great care and attention so as to drive positive results.


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