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Can I eat Kiwis during my pregnancy days?

In your pregnancy days, your taste buds tend to go haywire and your food cravings turn obvious. If you have a sweet tooth and want to affect your health, you can try eating kiwis to satiate your roaring taste buds. Kiwis are greenish-yellow colored fruits with sour-sweet taste and are highly rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, fiber, minerals and carbohydrates.


Why Kiwi is good?


  • Vitamin-rich foods like Kiwis are perfect for pregnant women and your growing unborn baby. Vitamin C also helps in removing stretch marks.
  • Kiwis are loaded with dietary fiber and enzymes that aids in digestion, nausea and constipation.
  • Kiwis are rich in folic acid (folate) that helps in cell formation and ensures proper growth of your unborn baby’s vital organs.
  • Kiwifruits are cholesterol-free and contains natural form of sugars that will reduce your desire to eat sweet foods.
  • Kiwis are anti-oxidant rich, which protects your unborn baby from illnesses by strengthening their immune system. It also prepares your body to combat free radicals in your body.
  • During your pregnancy phase, your hormones fluctuate rapidly and more frequently, which can cause conditions of stress, anxiety and fatigue.


Closing Thoughts.


Pregnancy is a time when every expecting woman should take good care of herself in every way possible. They should follow healthy eating habits and maintain proper personal care for optimal health. You can eat 2 kiwifruits on alternate days. However, if you are having poor digestion or gastric issues, kiwis shall be avoided. Also, before eating and fruit or vegetable, there are a few safety tips to be followed. Always wash it with clean water before eating and always eat in moderation to prevent mouth and tongue sores. You can include kiwifruit in your pregnancy diet but it is always better to consult your doctor before eating kiwi fruit for a safe and healthy pregnancy.


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