Treatment for Male Infertility

Part 1- Why having semen analysis done is important for you?

Many couples visit my clinic along with female partner investigations specially but the male partner is ignored. This is due to the common perception that a couple is not able to conceive due to issues in the female partner. For instance, if the female partner consults a gynecologist about the problem, followed by a few tests is fine but no one suggests getting a semen analysis done.


Around 40% infertility cases are due to male infertility. A simple semen analysis is an inexpensive non-invasive test with quick results to evaluate the male partner’s sperm on the basis of concentration (number of sperm/mL per ejaculate), motility (percentage of sperm movement) and morphology (percentage of sperm that are in good shape)


What are the indications of semen analysis test?


A semen analysis may indicate Azoospermia (no sperm), Oligozoospermia (less number of sperms), Asthenozoospermia (abnormal motility), Teratozoospermia (abnormal morphology), and many more causes.


Azoospermia occurs due to lack of sperm production or obstruction of the vas deferens or damage to testicles, hormonal disorders or severe illnesses.


Oligospermia is the presence of less number of sperm per ejaculate. Around 40% infertility cases are majorly due to male infertility, while 20% of these cases are due to both male and female infertility. According to WHO, the sperm concentration when less than 20 million per ejaculation indicates infertility.


Asthenozoospermia is condition where the male has low sperm motility (movement of sperm). It may possible occur due to metabolic deficiencies, ultra structural abnormalities of the sperm and dead sperms in a fresh semen sample (necrozoospermia)


Teratozoospermia usually happens due to the presence of abnormal or unusual structured sperm cells, ultimately leading to male infertility. A normal sperm should have an oval-shaped head, neck and tail. If the number of finely structured sperm cells is less than desired, the possibility of the sperm to fertilize with the egg reduces.


Why should I undergo a Semen Analysis Test?


Semen analysis is highly recommended to couples who are unable to conceive naturally. With the help of semen analysis test, the concerned fertility specialist can determine whether the male partner is fertile or not. It also helps diagnose the reason behind infertility in the male partner. Men who have a history of vasectomy shall undergo sperm analysis to ensure no sperm is available in the sperm samples. The tubes transporting sperm to the penis are cut and sealed as a permanent birth control.


Men who underwent vasectomy get semen analysis done to confirm whether sperm is present in the semen. As per the doctors, male partner should get a monthly sperm analysis done.


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