Why Donor Eggs are used in In-vitro Fertilization Treatment? - Dr Rita Bakshi

Why Donor Eggs are used in In-vitro Fertilization Treatment?

IVF treatment is indeed a blessing for couples and can lead them to a joyous journey of parenthood specially for those couples that have failed to find a way to combat infertility. But things don’t always work as we plan them.Being a parent is your decision but you can’t control the entire process. Conception is something that happens naturally. Today medical science has provided us with new and advanced technologies through which we can overcome challenges such as infertility that was once considered uncurable.


If the IVF cycle fails in multiple attempts due to the poor quality of your own eggs then you have an option of using donor eggs. Although people find it difficult and are hesitant in using donor eggs, thinking what would the society say as the child would not be genetically related to the mother, but the moral dilemma of using donor eggs is now an ever-growing need to overcome infertility.


Donor Eggs IVF


A donor eggs ivf is the best option available once a couple realizes that they can’t have a child and there are multiple factors causing female infertility.  Age of the female is an important factor as a woman is in her thirties or forties would have less quality and quantity of eggs. In such cases using a donor increases the chances of success tremendously.


Procedure for using a Donor Egg :


The process begins with monitoring the ovulation and checking the follicle stimulated hormone (FSH) & estradiol levels, which are detected by taking the blood sample on the second or the third day of the ovulation cycle. It also helps to disclose premature ovarian failure (POF) in younger women as well. Medication protocols are used to synchronise the menstrual cycle of both the donor and the recipient.


In an IVF cycle through donor egg, the IVF specialist uses the donor egg to create an embryo after fertilizing it with either the sperm of the partner or that of a sperm donor and then the formed embryo is transferred to recipient’s uterus. A woman with premature ovarian failure (POF) needs an egg donor as she has had her menopause earlier than the expected age


What are the Chances for the Failure of IVF Cycle with Donor Egg(s)?


Typically the chances of success with donor eggs ivf are 70-75% as the donor of the eggs is a young and healthy women with high reproductive potential. The success of the IVF cycle is dependent on other factors such as uterine lining and quality of sperm, along with the quality of the eggs.


There is a chance when despite of transferring high quality embryos and good endometrial receptivity, the process of implantation fails to occur for no known medical reason. If the cause of failure of IVF cycle is uterine abnormalities then using donor eggs will not change the scenario.



Using donor egg(s) is one of the most efficient ways to enhance the possibility for better results in case of female infertility but all the factors should be considered before making the final decision. So before proceeding with the treatment it is important to consider the medical history of the patient as it affects the overall result of the treatment.

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