Reasons you should go for IVF in 2017

Why couples prefer IVF over other options like IUI? IVF has helped thousands of couple become a parent of a healthy baby. Below are a few reasons stating why IVF is best for infertile couples.

IVF is for everyone

In vitro fertilization has made it possible for almost every couple to have a baby, regardless of their financial status or sexual orientation. IVF treatment in India has made it possible for single men and women, LGBTs and couples who were unable to conceive after many years of attempts to have a child.

Addresses infertility issues

IVF is a practice that has been used to address infertility issues in men and women. Women having damaged or blocked fallopian tubes are a few examples who had successful IVF. In cases of infertility, the female parent’s egg is fused with the male parent’s sperm outside the body in a laboratory Petri dish and then placed in the female parent’s uterus improves the chances of fertilization to occur.

Many couples aged 35 years or more opt for In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) as it ensures quicker conception at a time that is best for them.

More chances of having a healthy baby

During IVF treatment at International Fertility Centre, a prime fertility clinic in India, involves Pre-implantation Diagnosis (PGD) feature that helps detect any genetic abnormalities in the embryos that might lead to miscarriage/normal abortion. Through PGD, the chances of having a healthy baby are more as the healthiest embryos are used for transfer in the female parent’s uterus.

You can decide the right time of having a baby

The wide availability of IVF enables couples to not waste their time conceiving naturally for years. Couples undergoing IVF have better control over factors such as spacing out children, being pregnant at the perfect time and even when they decide to give birth to a child

Preserve your fertility

The unused healthy embryos or woman’s eggs or man’s sperm can be stored and frozen in the laboratory. If the couple wishes to have their second child, they can easily use their preserved embryos or eggs.

Benefits menopausal women

IVF is boon for menopausal women as the uterus is still viable to carry pregnancy to full term even if the woman is not ovulating.

Fit for low ovarian reserve in women

Couples can opt for IVF with Egg donor where the woman has low ovarian reserve (low number of eggs or poor quality eggs).

Fertility preservation for women

Women who are career-oriented or undergoing cancer treatment can freeze their eggs to become pregnant whenever they wish to in future.

Our clinic is a renowned IVF clinic in India that offering varied fertility treatments to infertile couples to help them start their family. We have a team of senior clinical embryologists and staff members who aspire to deliver a joyful parenthood experience with us. We are the 1st clinic in North India to provide CASA (computer-assisted sperm analysis) facility which is known to improve IVF success rates by 51%.

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