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Conceiving is not enough to get pregnant. Great care and monitoring is required at every step throughout the pregnancy to sustain it else it can lead to any mishap. Even after successfully conceiving, there are chances of miscarriages or many unwanted health situations arise that lead to loss of child.


Your Pregnancy guide – Dr. Rita Bakshi


Dr. Rita Bakshi is a senior IVF specialist and worldly renowned gynecologists at Risaa IVF. She is a highly skilled obstetrician with 30 years of experience in the field of Assisted Reproductive technologies (ARTs). She is the most acknowledged and recommended gynecologists in Delhi.


Consulting session with Dr. Rita Bakshi is a first step to embark successful pregnancy. Her guidance and advices protect you from any hindrances that might occur during your journey of pregnancy. Dr. Rita Bakshi and its team is fully determined to provide you with the best of medicinal aid and performs required check-ups regularly throughout pregnancy to cure the problems that might hinder your child birth plan.

Procedure followed by Pregnancy Care unit at Dr. Rita Bakshi’s Clinic


During pregnancy body undergoes many significant changes which affect you in different ways at different stages of pregnancy. Expert supervision from the best gynecologists is required for successful pregnancy. Pregnancy lasts for about 40-42 weeks. It is calculated from first day of your last period.


To detect if you are pregnant or not, we perform serum β- HCG test. If the pregnancy is confirmed, we start folic acid tablets and progesterone supplements. All the basic check-ups like TSH, RBS, CBC and sugar tests are done. At 6-7 weeks of pregnancy, USG test is performed to check fetal viability and fetal heart sound.


The first trimester lasts till 12 weeks. During 11-13 weeks, NT Scan and Double Marker test is done to predict
disorders and Down syndrome in the baby. After first trimester, Iron tablets and calcium tablets are started for the pregnant women.


In the second trimester, you will start to feel the movement inside that indicates movement of your baby. Around 20 weeks after pregnancy, Level -2 Scan is performed to identify any abnormalities present in the baby. At 28 weeks, glucose tolerance test is done for check of Gestational Diabetes.


In the third trimester, growth scan and a test for predicting the frequency of blood platelets count during pregnancy needs to be done. Regular monitoring is done of the pregnant woman at regular intervals during pregnancy. We aim for delivery after 37 weeks of pregnancy as baby born after 37 weeks are considered to be healthier.


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