How Stress affects Woman’s Ovulation Cycle? - Dr Rita Bakshi

How Stress affects Woman’s Ovulation Cycle?

What is Stress?


Stress is a way through which our bodies respond to threats or demands. It alerts our body to protect ourselves from fear and anxiety.


Women after marriage generally get depressed due to several reasons like new family environment, strict judgments of in-laws, unknown rituals and so many other reasons.


The important reason for stress is the functionality of the hypothalamus – this gland is in the brain, which regulates your appetite and emotions, also the hormones that tell your ovaries to release eggs. Stress is the one of the main reasons for infertility as it hurdles a couple ways to complete their family.


Stress disturbs you physically, mentally and socially. Stress is considered as a part of life, but when stress changes into anxiety and depression then it affects our body’s functionality as well. When stress is in its chronic form, then it may cause lack of libido that can lead to general infertility.


How Stress causes Infertility?


Stress can obstruct with conception. It is not easy for any women to get pregnant if she is in stress. The hypothalamus is the main source that controls our ovary to release eggs during ovulation.


If any woman wants to conceive and is under stress, then her cervical fluid may alarm that there is something that is missing. Thus, stress sometimes does not allow you to ovulate and make some wet patches in your dry days to restrict your pregnancy.


How Stress affects your ovulation cycle?


Stress obstacles your way to get pregnant as it affects your hormone functionality as well as your ovulation cycle negatively. It is only due to stress that you may ovulate later in your cycle or you may not ovulate. So if you are having sex around your ovulation day, maybe you miss the opportunity to conceive. In woman, stress is of two kinds one is constant and other is sudden. During constant stress, your stress level is high but consistent.


The chances of ovulation are probably higher as your body acclimatizes. But the sudden stress caused due to an accident or death of a person who is close to you may throw your cycle off and obstruct with ovulation.


Although stress may affect when you ovulate, it won’t affect your chances of getting pregnant. It has scientifically been proven that stress can affect you in both positive and negative ways. Sometimes over-thinking or excess quantity of alpha-amylase enzyme can cause infertility in woman.


Although stress is a part of our daily life, don’t let stress affect your life much.

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