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Dreadful Effects of Genital Tuberculosis on Fertility

Tuberculosis is widely spreading among the population in India, nowadays. Every other woman is identified with genital tuberculosis. It is an infectious disease which is transferred during exposure to genitals of a person or through cough, shaking hands, etc. Most of the women who are suffering through genital tuberculosis are not even aware of the presence of this disease in their system.


Effects of Genital Tuberculosis on Fertility


When tuberculosis infection moves to other genital region or pelvic region of a person through blood circulation, it is termed as genital tuberculosis. It can spread to the uterus, pelvic, cervix, vagina, fallopian tubes etc., of a woman. Patient may or may not be aware of existence of genital tuberculosis in her body as it may or may not show any symptoms as these bacteria’s can reside into a human body without any activity for almost 10-20 years.


Genital Tuberculosis can harm fertility of a woman to a great extent leading to infertility. As the infection spreads to uterus, it hinders the growth and development of embryo leading to miscarriage, intrauterine fetal death or prenatal death of a baby. Genital TB plays a major role in destruction of endometrial lining and uterus causing inhabitable environment for the embryo to grow. Infection in fallopian tubes makes it difficult for a woman to conceive naturally. All these effects of genital TB lead to infertility and failed pregnancy.


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As genital TB is commonly found in every other woman and is very evident disease in India; before starting any treatment for infertility, we always carry out tests to check the presence of genital TB in a patient. We advice them to first take TB treatment, which is around 6-9 months and then continue with the pregnancy. For woman whose reproductive parts have already been affected, we offer them treatment through laparoscopy and improve endometrial lining through medication.


Women, who are severely affected by genital TB, might also have to go for IVF treatment to have a successful pregnancy and sometimes, surrogacy is the only option left with such woman. We offer both IVF and surrogacy treatment for infertile couples and have been successful in delivering happiness in lives of more than thousands of infertile couples.


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