Dr. Rita Bakshi Explaining, When is the right time to see a Gynecologist!

Dr. Rita Bakshi Explaining, When is the right time to see a Gynecologist!

Dr. Rita Bakshi\’s Clinic offers an extended care of gynecological conditions and hormonal disorders. Reproductive problems are the outcome of reproductive system tract can be treated by surgery like laparoscopy or hysteroscopy performed by a skilled gynecologist.


Endometriosis: This is characterized as a painful disorder in which tissues generally lines the inside of the uterus. It comprises of fallopian tubes, ovaries and the tissue lining of the pelvis.


Ovarian cyst: Polycystic Ovarian syndrome, characterized by multiple cysts in the ovary can lead to infertility. Therapeutic diet, medication, exercise helps in preventing the problem.


Abnormal uterine bleeding: Abnormal uterine bleeding can be serious reproductive problems can be diagnosed and treated by an expert gynecologist.


Ectopic Pregnancy: In ectopic pregnancy the fertilized egg doesn’t attach to the uterus. Instead, it may attach to the fallopian tube, abdominal cavity or cervix.


Recurrent Miscarriage: Recurrent miscarriage or abortions can be treated at the Dr. Rita Bakshi Clinic. Specialized techniques and latest modern equipments help in diagnosing and curing the problems.


Amenorrhea: Absence of menstrual cycle a type of reproductive issues can be treated by a gynecologist at Risaa IVF.


Adolescent Gynecology: At the age of adolescence the problems like vaginal discharge, bleeding, etc. in females can be treated through gynecology process.


Services provided at Dr. Rita Bakshi clinic


Routine primary and preventive care: The patients diagnosed with reproductive problems are given a prime consultation by Dr. Rita Bakshi.


Pregnancy and delivery: Doctors of Risaa IVF are highly qualified and skilled helps the patients in delivery and pre and post pregnancy.


Menopause problems: After the age of 50, due to hormonal problems, menopause occurs in females characterized by hot flashes, headache, nausea, etc. Sometimes the symptoms are very distressing then gynecologist consults the patient and provides medications and treatment.


Management of gynecological problems: Doctors at Risaa IVF counsels the patient’s about general gynecologic problems include abnormal bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, uterine fibroids, endometriosis etc.

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