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LIT Therapy


LIT stands for Lymphocyte Immune Therapy. It an immune therapy used as a treatment option for women who undergo recurrent miscarriages or repeated IVF failures because of immunological problems.



Why LIT therapy is needed?


Natural functioning of the immune system is to save the body from foreign bodies but in some women, the immune system may not even accept the genetic material from their male partner. The immune system becomes intolerant to the embryo and thereby making it difficult to conceive.


The objective of LIT therapy is to treat this condition so that the body of an intending mother can be tolerant to the fetus and successful pregnancy can be achieved.



How does LIT therapy Work?


White blood cells from the male partner are taken, centrifuged and prepared. Then these are injected into the female partner’s subcutaneous fat. It helps in stabilizing the killer cell activities of WBCs so that the intending mother’s body can be prepared for a pregnancy and idoes not reject the embryo.



Who are the right candidates for LIT Therapy?


LIT therapy can help those women who are facing the problem of recurrent pregnancy loss or repeated IVF failures due to immunological issues.



LIT Therapy at Dr. Rita Bakshi’s Clinic


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